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Cyberwitches Manifesto

All it took was one knot in time
then the world changed
then the memory disappeared
then we couldn't understand life anymore
neither forward nor backward.

It’s time to stop dodging.
It’s time to stop fudging ourselves.
It is time to face the current changes.
Not without anxiety but with determination.
Let's unite our voices : "We do not defend nature, we are the nature defending itself".
— Nature, Gaïa, neither mother nor sister, but force beyond the languages that have difficulty with the post-genre.
Let's acknowledge that the master's tools will not dismantle the master's house.
The very technologies that was reason to dream of new forms of political empowerment has turned out to be the means of surveillance and control for everybody.
It is time to leave the dualist labyrinths.
But let's not be Icarus: the Sirens are our sisters and we are too keen on the sensuality of the stones and the tenderness of the trees to give in to transhumanist pride.
Let's connect from Earth to the Noosphere without rummaging, scratching and desecrate Gaia's entrails, without spitting in the face of Heaven and Time the deadly fumes that are mortgaging our futures.
Let’s be actual « saboteurs of big daddy mainframe ».
Let's profess technological autonomy and all forms of emancipation and empowerment.
Let's be inspired by W.I.T.C.H., VNS Matrix, Gynepunk, Reclaiming, technoshamanism, xenofeminism, hyperstition, afrofuturism and ancestorfuturism without us adhering entirely to one or the other.

We know that speech is the active material of magic.
Let's sometimes try this alchemy of the verb that modifies reality through words.
Let's practice hermeticism with a second degree.
Our words have little hybris. They caress the daisies rather than helping to instantiate the magic.
Our power is domestic and vernacular.
Our sorority protects us from slipping from witch to woman of power.
Our do-it-yourself practices escape religions.
We are not unitary but labile and evanescent.
Let's not believe in divinity, let's connect with It.
Let's practice this applied science of the creation of forms by energy and the direction of energy by forms.
The forms, structures, images that we manipulate mill sometimes lead us out of the limits imposed by our culture.
Our will, our actions, our directed energy, our choices made not once but several times: this is our magic.
We live in this 21st century that use to be dreamed for a long time and is now feared.
Let's invent experimental origins and traditions for ourselves.
Let's understand that everything is interconnected, that consciousness gives shape to reality and reality gives shape to consciousness.
Let's use social networks to gather in spiritual and political rituals.
Let's use smartphones and tarot cards to connect to spirits.
Let's manufacture DIY devices to listen to invisible worlds.
Let's our astral body travels through the cosmic plane of radio waves.
Let's mix ancestral and invented methods to reveal the porosity of the worlds — ours, the Gods’ we no longer believe in, the free cosmogony and fictional entities’ that we create.

We are corporeal, biological, incarnate enti- ties, but also and simultaneously: relational and informational beings.
We are entities with digital extensions.
We live in a physical, technical and digital world.
Let's be hybrid entities living in an hybrid world.
Let's take care of our bodies-hub-server.
Our contemporary everyday technical equipment takes part to our ritual forms.
Let's perform technophile rituals.
Let's make the gestures.
Let's say the words.
Let's manipulate the objects.
Let's summon archetypal survivals.
Let's call for the emergence of egregore.
Let's seek for upsurge, Let's seek for a fleeting energetic symbiosis.
Let's practice this art of changing consciousness at will.
Let's be cyberwitches.


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Lucile Olympe Haute
written on Imbolc 2019.


*Highlighted quote:
Rosmarie Waldrop,
Clef pour comprendre
la langue de l’Amérique
2013 (1994).

Cyberwitches ritual
with Chloé Lavalette,
Silvie Mexico,
Hélène Mourrier
et Lizzie Saint Septembre,

Type: Bluu Next
by Jean-Baptiste Morizot
on Velvetyne.



Cyberwitches Lucile Olympe Haute