Lucile Olympe Haute
& Silvie Mexico
technological ghost

360° video poem

The evolution of digital technology created new relationships between body and their images. Body and identity open theirselves to interactions with digital environment and with other subjects, in different ways of participation or generativity. The Technological Ghost movie is the continuation of the artistic research and performances with synthetic doubles (a.k.a. avatars) Lucile Olympe Haute conducted during her Phd thesis. The Touch of the Avatar gather several experiments in this field of virtual reality, including performances and artistic research around the figure of the avatar (including collaborations with Silvie Mexico). Theses experiments were designed to study the avatar, this extension with its intrinsic value and agency in digital networks and shared simulated platforms. Its aims where to identify different practices and develop a graphical grammar reflecting the diversity of relationship combining a player to his avatar. The Technological Ghost movie is the continuance of these research. It aims to propose to the the spectator looking at it to experiment the trouble of being somewhere and not there simultaneously, surrounded by hollow silhouettes and spectral voices.

Technological Ghost
360° video poem
3’27" loop, spatialized sound,
by Lucile Olympe Haute and Silvie Mexico,

With the support of:
École nationale supérieure des Arts Décoratifs, Paris;
Carré d’art de Nîmes (Labo²);
Coalition Cyborg.

360° film shooting: Lucile Olympe Haute and Silvie Mexico.
Text and voice: Lucile Olympe Haute.
Sound design and spatialization: Silvie Mexico.
Video set: École nationale supérieure des Arts Décoratifs, Paris.
360° mobile viewer for iPad and iPhone by Dominique Cunin with Mobilizing.js